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World and Characters

Meet the Characters that make the magick happen

Gargoyle Lore

Based in Greek Mythology:

In the beginning times, gargoyles were created by the primordial god Phanes and Chaos. Uranus, another primordial, quickly shackled the gargoyles, using their strength to fight wars among gods. But everyone knows the story of his untimely demise by Chronos right? 

The Gargoyle's strength is passed down to Chronos and finally Zeus, before they are finally able to escape to the earthly plane. Trading chains for chains, the Mother Gaea gives them freedom and elemental gifts to protect her children.

Follow along in the series to see the evolution of the great and powerful Gargoyles and how they are more than their might!

Main Characters

Battles are not only fought on the warfront. After a failed attack, and a successful massacre, prejudice has settled into the hearts of witches and gargoyles. Ragnar, the king, has finally brought a tentative truce, now settling home in Herloff. But a mysterious new enemy has appeared and is colluding with a political rival to take down the Nordskov dynasty. 

Elisora has had troubles of her own, being a nomad, healing the poor no matter their species while also hunting down the sorcerer who destroyed her family and home. She has wound up in a land where her gifts are needed and despised. When Ragnar needs her the most, after an assassination attempt, she is watched by Nero, a master of fire and espionage, and is arguing constantly with Hadrian, a gargoyle who can control light. Can she navigate this complicated country without losing her life...or her heart?

Special Thanks to B_kinky for the artwork. You can see her other works here.

Map and book cover made by the talented Fiona Jayde. See her other works here.

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